To help individuals understand the family law system and provide the advocacy and assistance they need to resolve their matters privately or through the court system.


Meet with a lawyer to discuss your situation, explore options on how to move forward, and learn about what to expect from the legal system. 

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Cohabitation Agreements

Ensure the assets and principles most important to you are protected when entering into a common law relationship or planning your marriage.

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Separation Agreements

Work with a lawyer to negotiate, draft and review a Separation Agreement that is built to fit the individual needs of you and your family.

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Have a lawyer draft documents and advocate on your behalf in Court, ensuring you are represented on all issues, including custody, access, support, and property.

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Obtain closure and finality from a past relationship by finalizing your divorce through a simple or joint divorce application with the assistance of a lawyer. 

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Unbundled Legal Services

Manage costs by representing yourself in Court while receiving advice and assistance from a lawyer as you need it, such as with drafting documents.

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